Guaranteed Ways to Boost Job Satisfaction for your Team

To improve on the productivity of your team, reduce high turnover rates and drive increased revenue for your company, you must take time to focus on your employee satisfaction. If you are worried about the tangible benefits of job satisfaction, you should consider a report that shows happiness increase employee productivity by at least 12 percent. Without a single doubt, your company will grow faster if you invest in your employee satisfaction. Additionally, happy employees mean lower turnover rates and a better workplace culture. There are plenty and free ways to boost satisfaction of your team.

Many elements lead to job satisfaction including autonomy, flexibility, recognition, good relationship with managers and a sense of belonging. Ultimately, job satisfaction defines how much an employee likes their job and how willing they are to stay in a company. While it might be impossible to make every employee happy, you must work hard to boost job satisfaction for as many employees as possible. Doing so helps in lowering turnover rates and decreasing money spend on new recruitments and new hire training. Additionally, happy employees will be more successful, which is very crucial for success of a company.

Here are a couple strategies you can apply to boost job satisfaction.

Give consistent Praise

63 percent of employees don’t feel they get as much praise as they need. By consistently telling your employees when they have done a goo job, you will make them feel more proud of their work and provide them with incentives to work harder in future. Additionally, you need to make your employees feel like their work truly matters. Consider making explanations to your employees on how their work makes a difference for your team and company at large. Your employees will feel more indispensable if you put focus on how their work relates to long term company goals. You will have demonstrated to your employees that their work matters and that they hold a lot of future to the success of the company.

Offer career development and training

Today, career development is no longer just a nice perk. Stats have shown 94 percent of employees would stay at a company longer if such a company invested in their careers.  By offering career development and actively looking for opportunities to help your employees grow, you will be signaling that you fully care for their long term success. Training your employees and allowing them to expand their skillsets will help your team become more successful in the long term. You should consider a leadership training program which also gives a good chance for you to prepare your employees to become better managers and leaders as your company grows.

You also need to show you care about the mental and physical well being of your employees. Your employees will not be satisfied in the workplace if they feel they are sacrificing their physical or mental well being. You must make an effort to show your employees that their health matters.

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