Conflict Resolution Skills to Use with Your Team and Your Customers

Have you ever got to a room where the energy was just too tense? You might have been in a room where you discuss performance of a tow truck business and numbers are not adding up. Perhaps a team-wide announcement was just released that took everyone by surprise. You can feel the conflict is brewing up between some of your coworkers, partners and even customers and you want to know whether to address the same or not. As much as we love to work in organizations that are free from disagreements and conflicts, we all know it might not be so easy to avoid the same. Conflict is healthy and an important part of any relationship. It means people are actively negotiating their needs and expectations with others and that is what helps us to stay happy within workplaces.

Conflict Resolution

Conflict management starts with conflict resolution. It refers to the process in which two or more parties work together towards coming up with a solution to a problem or dispute. The parties involved work together to achieve a solution that solves the problem in the most productive manner. Conflict management can be approached using different styles. While these styles will differ from one to the other, every method makes use of same management skills. To successfully manage conflict, you will need to possess some of these skills and learn the right time to exercise them. Here are some of the most important skills you will need to manage conflict in the most effective manner.

Active Listening

Active listening is focused on being attentive wo what others have to say. The skill is commonly used by sales people to have a better connection with their customers during a sales pitch. However, it is also universally acceptable that every person should master it. To practice active listening, the most important thing you can do is to have an open mind. This means you have to make note of other people’s phrasing and respond using the same wordings. Doing so demonstrates that you were listening and helps in clearing up any confusion about the matter being discussed. Additionally, be sure to ask questions in case you need anything clarified.

Emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence describes the ability to perceive and understand other people’s emotions as well as your own. This is an essential skill when it comes to managing conflict because it helps in preventing situations from escalating beyond a certain limit. If you can effectively interpret the emotions of other people, it becomes easier to communicate with them without provoking them. You need to recognize and curtail any confusion as well as hunger and frustrations and leave a peaceful environment for everyone to express themselves and think logically.

Another important skill you need is patience. Conflicts are rarely simple to overcome. If they were, were would not have huge volumes of traffic searching for conflict resolution on Google. It is important to understand that people’s problems might not be solved right away even at situations where a solution is obvious. Never rush to make conclusions for others.


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